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Our Consortium

Integrated Financial Group is one of the largest LPL independent financial planning consortiums in the country. We are a cadre of independent LPL financial planners, each with a unique style and special area of planning expertise. As independent advisors, we have access to an entire universe of products, services and programs to offer our clients.

"Having worked at both ends of the spectrum, e.g., in very large corporations and as an independent advisor, my partnership with this consortium, Integrated Financial Group, is the perfect combination of bench strength and the independence needed to find personalized strategies for my clients."
-Kathy Healy

The consortium concept, which we call our "brain trust" has gathered bright, experienced and educated advisors. While each client works directly with an independent advisor who owns his own business, all clients benefit from the shared expertise of the entire group.

When you retain an Integrated Financial Group advisor, you can be sure you are dealing with someone who has passed a stringent vetting process. We maintain strict requirements for becoming part of the group, including experience, professional designations and education, a rigorous planning process, excellent client service standards, and adherence to the consortium's ethical guidelines. Additionally, every prospective member advisor must interview with the consortium's advisory board to ensure that he or she shares our philosophy and has a passionate commitment to the profession and to clients.